Frieze week day 3: A look at Andy Warhol and the London contemporary art sales at Christies, Sothebys and Phillips

Triple Elvis (Ferus Type)

Triple Elvis (Ferus Type) by Andy Warhol, silkscreen ink and silver paint on linen, 1963

I’m not good under pressure so with my back against the wall to get this piece published before the sales begin this evening, rather than firing up the lapper first thing this morning, I walked over to Browns the fish mongers in St Johns Wood to buy some of their smoke salmon scraps. Then I went up to my mum’s in Swiss Cottage for a quick cuppa before getting the 31 back to Chalk Farm only to realise I’d left the flat without my keys so I had to go back to my mum’s to pick up the spare set and then get the bus back here again. But I’m OK – just don’t ask me to do you a favour – at least not for the next couple of hours.

Andy Warhol Eternal Art Commodity

Self Portrait by Andy Warhol

Self Portrait by Andy Warhol

Is there an ever ending supply of Andy Warhol works? I think there must be because he figures strongly in nearly every sale and what’s more it looks like he’ll never saturate the market as his works usually go extremely well even though they often cost millions. In this week’s sales Christies is selling a total of 3, Sothebys 11 and Phillips 6.

Four Marlons by Andy Warhol

Four Marlons by Andy Warhol, silkscreen ink on unprimed linen. Painted in 1966


My favourites however are part of an exhibition of  six Warhols on view now at Christies but will be sold in New York on the 12th November. To my delight, a very plumy sounding Englishman was giving a talk to a group of ladies as I happened to roll into this exhibition. As’All Tomorrow’s Parties‘ played in the background, he suggested that the selfie above was taken in a photo booth, the type you use for your passport photo – you can see the top of the next photo at the bottom of the  image and wondered whether the sneering Andy was starring at himself, us or the art market? Humm. There’s no estimate given for “Triple Elvis (Fergus Type)”  ‘double troubled tripled, if you see what I mean,’ but he estimated $60,000,000 should do the trick. Nor is there an estimate for “Four Marlons” but after doing a bit of research myself it appears Carol Vogel of the New York Times (never heard of her but probably keep an ear out for her now) estimates they’ll pull in a combined figure of $140,000,000 as is reported on blouinartinfo. After giving it some thought, if I was to chose one, I’d defo go for the “Four Marlons”. Looking at him brought me back to my youth, to feeling cool again and the sexiness of feeling cool. Yep, that’s the one for me.

Grab your hat and gun

Is it just me or is there a more than usual amount of guns in the autumn sales?


VOIDED PERSON WITH GUNS AT HEAD (FLANKED BY CONFRONTATIONS) by John Baldessari, acrylic on colour coupler prints in artist’s frame

This Baldessari has an estimate of £300,000 — £400,000 and is in Sotheby’s evening sale.

Self Portrait by Cecilia Edefalk

Self Portrait by Cecilia Edefalk

Self Portrait by Cecilia Edefalk is estimated at £15,000 – £20,000 at Sotheby’s day sale.

Infantry by John-Michel Basquiat

Infantry by John-Michel Basquiat, acrylic and oil sticks on canvas

“Infantry” by John-Michel Basquiat is at Christies evening sale today with an estimate of £1,800,000 – £3,000,000. Click here to find out more about this painting.

If only they all knew that LOVE is all you need. Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE can be purchased at Christies day auction estimate £280,000 – £350,000 but of course the LOVE I’m talking about is PRICELESS.

Love by Robert Indiana

Love by Robert Indiana polychrome aluminium



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