The Tracey and Helen Show with Valentina Gaia Lops and a surprise visit by Neany Fishchild

Just a quick note after last week’s show, which I really enjoyed and also felt a lot more relaxed on air this time. One of the main subjects of the show was body image. Huge subject for me but it’s true what I say at the beginning – body bashing is over for me – no more looking in the mirror ready to pounce with a criticism, a weighing up, an “if only”. Those days are gone and good riddance to them. Adolescent rhetoric that stuck and developed into a nasty habit. With this show I pulled that crap out by the root and have thrown it away for good – not that I go into detail about this experience on the show, just sharing it here. In its place, I’m feeling blessed to be me with my lines and my curves, my unique shape and my feeling body. Also, loving this agony aunt section we introduced halfway through the show. I come from the emotional side of things, while Hel is pragmatic – a great mix that can cover all eventualities I’d say. Here’s the link to the show if you fancy a look.

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